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Our Technical Service & Support Team

Damien Akins:
0491 965 853

Shaun Esam:
0458 547 804

We welcome Shaun Esam to our team at edp. He has an impressive 29 years of experience in fault-finding, breakdown maintenance, installation, and plant commissioning. Alongside Damien Atkins, our packaging machinery service manager with 19 years of experience in high-speed machinery, we have built a highly skilled and capable team.

Moreover, we have two in-house electricians on standby, ready to support our service team whenever needed. This decision reflects our commitment to offering quality assistance to our valued customers and reinforces our position as a leader in the manufacturing industry.

We understand the importance of excellent customer support in building strong relationships, which is why we have taken steps to expand our technical service and support staff. We aim to respond to customer inquiries efficiently and resolve issues faster. Our investment in additional staff ensures that our customers receive personalized and efficient support, leading to greater trust and satisfaction.

We provide telephone assistance to all our customers, particularly during those urgent moments when you experience a breakdown requiring swift resolution. Our service technicians will be visiting various regions to introduce themselves and establish strong connections with customers.

In addition, our technical service team members are ready to provide on-site support, allowing us to address customer issues directly and promptly. To stay ahead in the industry, we have also invested in training our technical support staff with the expertise of overseas suppliers like Giro. This international training equips our team with the latest knowledge, newest software, and best practices, keeping us at the forefront of industry advancements and ensuring that we can provide the best possible support to our customers.

Additionally, we have backup support from highly experienced technicians at Giro & IPLA, based in Spain, available to provide any necessary additional technical assistance.

Damien Atkins


Damien has 19 of years of experience in high speed machinery as an industrial electrician. His deep knowledge of complex machinery and exceptional problem-solving abilities make him a valuable asset to edp, especially when it comes to resolving challenging customer issues

Shaun Esam


Shaun has 29 years experience as an industrial electrician in the dairy automation industry, and he knows how to get things done quickly and cost-effectively. He makes sure his customers’ needs are met on time and within their budget. His expertise in this fast-paced industry makes him a trustworthy and valuable resource for his clients.

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