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edp was the first company in Australia to introduce fully automatic pre-packing equipment in the local fresh fruit and vegetable industry.

The introduction of the AG Pak automatic bagging filling and sealing machine in the mid-1970s was the beginning of the revolution, which changed how the industry prepacked operation bagging potatoes and onions into 2kg and 5kg bags. The AG Pak changed all of that. For the first time, a completely automatic machine would weigh the product, open a wicketed bag, fill it, then seal the bag with a twist-tie closure, not the fastest machine by today’s standards, but it was automatic.

By the mid 1980’s, edp developed the edpLYNX Combination Weighing Machine, one of only two or possibly three machine manufacturers in the world to develop this technology. For the next 15 years these machines were exported around the world with hundreds of units manufactured and installed in Australia, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and throughout many parts of Asia.

Today, due to the globalisation of our industry and the vast experience edp has gained in weighing equipment over the years, edp Australia now offers the most diverse range of fresh fruit and vegetable weighing and packaging machinery available in the world.

Pre-Pack Bagging Equipment

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Conveyance Bagging Equipment

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Carton & Crate Filling Equipment

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Combination Weighing Equipment

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Net Bagging Equipment

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Palletizing Equipment

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Associated Equipment

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Reliable and Renowned

An original equipment manufacturer, edp has a well established export market as well as strong associations with European manufacturers to offer the best technology in the world of fresh produce packaging and handling equipment.


edp is a leading Australian supplier of fresh fruit and vegetable grading & packaging solutions including machinery and consumables.

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