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Automatic bag and box palletizing line

Various Models & Configurations Available

These machines offer a high capacity and consistency in performance.
The pallet in and out feed are automated to create a continuous process. Bags  are fed in using conveyor belts and/or bag lift. The four sided closed stacking bin
& the formation doors permit precise & stable palletizing also of smaller bags.

The machines feature automatic pallet conveyors and a telescopic (sectional) in feed belt. Use of servo motors permits higher manipulator speeds.

Fully Automatic Pallet Stacking
Automatic Pallet Dispensing
Automatic Wrapping
Precise Positioning of the Product to be Stacked

Stable & Precise Stacking Thanks to 4-Sided Closed Stacking Bin
Programmable Stacking Patterns with Closing Layers
Safe & User Friendly
Robust & Reliable

Reliable and Renowned

An original equipment manufacturer, edp has a well established export market as well as strong associations with European manufacturers to offer the best technology in the world of fresh produce packaging and handling equipment.


edp is a leading Australian supplier of fresh fruit and vegetable grading & packaging solutions including machinery and consumables.

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