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Multi Head Computer Weigher – PIM

MHW10, MHW12, MHW16

  • The only machine that does not compromise between speed and accuracy (in case of large volume, pay-back within 1 year on your investment possible – ask for example calculations)
  • 6 – 10 scale lineair weigher
  • 10 – 20 opposing scale weigher (small footprint)
  • From 10 scales within 5 gram accurate
  • Suitable for consumer packs (from 500gram)
  • Up to 25kg discharge in 1 dump (export weights)
  • Larger weights in multi dumps
  • Self learning high speed adjustable bucket filling
  • The only machine with speed adjustable vibration lane fed buckets for “long” products (e.g. carrots)
  • Suitable for unwashed product with speed adjustable NON fouling sensitive belt fed scales for round and square products
  • User friendly interface with pre-set programs
  • Big Bag filling option (250 – 1.500kg)
  • Suitable for small product like onions sets
  • Suitable for large product, like root celery
  • Suitable for industrial products, like (char) coal
  • Capacity depending on chosen discharge system


1kg – Min 25/ Max 45 (min)
25kg – Min 14/ Max 22 (min)

1kg – Min 40/ Max 60 (min)
25kg – Min 22/ Max 35 (min)

1kg – Min 40/ Max 80 (min)
25kg – Min 22/ Max 45 (min)

*related to circumstance, settings & discharge system

Reliable and Renowned

An original equipment manufacturer, edp has a well established export market as well as strong associations with European manufacturers to offer the best technology in the world of fresh produce packaging and handling equipment.


edp is a leading Australian supplier of fresh fruit and vegetable grading & packaging solutions including machinery and consumables.

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