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Polishers are designed to wash and polish produce.

This process is commonly used at companies that want to give their produce a ‘premium’ look and feel. Furthermore, a lot of irregularities in the product will be polished away by this machine, and this process increases the shelf life of produce as well. We can advise on the hardness of the brush.

All capacities are indications and based on experience from the past and depend on soil and product conditions.



  • Half-round and round drum types available
  • Brushes available: 0.25, 0.30, 0.35, 0.40, 0.45, 0.50, 0.60, 0.70
  • Brushes and shafts are easy to mount and dismount


  • Legs
  • Water cleaning system
  • Water recirculation system


RM 300-8
Brush segments: 8
Drum length: 3000
Potatoes: 8-10 ton
Carrots: 3-5 ton

Baby Carrots: 2-4 ton

TD 250-12
Brush segments: 12
Drum length: 2500
Potatoes: 10-14 ton
Carrots: 6-8 ton
Baby Carrots: 5-7 ton

TD 300-14
Brush segments: 14
Drum length: 3000
Potatoes: 15-17 ton
Carrots: 8-10 ton
Baby Carrots: 5-7 ton

TD 350-18
Brush segments: 18
Drum length: 3500
Potatoes: 25 ton
Carrots: 15-20 ton
Baby Carrots: 10-15 ton

Reliable and Renowned

An original equipment manufacturer, edp has a well established export market as well as strong associations with European manufacturers to offer the best technology in the world of fresh produce packaging and handling equipment.


edp is a leading Australian supplier of fresh fruit and vegetable grading & packaging solutions including machinery and consumables.

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